Pomilio Blumm
Pomilio Blumm is an Italian full-service communication agency with 50 years of experience in institutional and public communication, recognized to be the first institutional communication agency in Italy. However, as a far more “local James Bond” would have said: “Italy is not enough”. Pomilio Blumm has started to look over, across and beyond the boot and has chosen to play an active role in Europe and the Mediterranean area, cooperating with candidate countries and developing interest towards the Balkanic Area.


ICS – International Communication Summit
The International Communication Summit is a cultural container, an international laboratory for a specialised in-depth examination aimed at top management in the Public Administration, in which points of view and ideas are explored in the search for a new “species” of communication.

In partnership with

Transparency International
Global organization that fights against corruption and bad administration within the public and governmental sectors. It works to guarantee transparency, ethic, integrity, solidarity and democracy within government, politics, social society, business and people’s daily lives.

Assafrica e Mediterraneo
Branch of Confindustria, the most powerful Industrial Union based in Rome. Assafrica and Mediterraneo works with all the African Mediterranean countries in a variety of projects to develop an efficient and effective relationship between Europe and Mediterranean African countries