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Communicating the enlargement: the Europe to come

The European Union is experiencing a strong expansion. Many resources are allocated to attract potential Member States. The “approaching” path follows codified steps and, in this perspective, several projects are currently underway.

Most of the used tools entail a direct involvement of the communication sector.

The purpose is to multiply the experiences of info-sharing among neighboring countries, to favor common experiences, to develop a knowledge flow and sharing by means of programs handled by “old” Member States together with new target countries.

While the usual information actions are growing and getting more and more precise, along with the transparency duties relating to the implemented projects and the commitment to communicate results and promote best practices, the programs bringing the new potential member states to the center of Euro-Mediterranean institutions are constantly increasing and involve them in the most representative events.

That’s why communication professionals are asked to promote initiatives to speed up the assimilation of the Euro-Mediterranean identity. New professionals of the field must be more and more able to handle with several languages, different and geographically cross-cutting cultures and strategies.

Partnerships and alliances between communication firms are widening their horizons as well, as it’s happening to our network: we are looking at East, West, North and South, by strengthening links, relationships and opportunities.

Paris, Milan: two communication stories

In this context, communication presents itself as a real driver of international events that have been greatly multiplying in the last few years in the European context.

Among the different urban and territorial realities influenced by this phenomenon, two cities seem to be particularly connected to the center of the Euro-Mediterranean area more than others: Paris and Milan. The former because of the horrible terrorist attack – whose communication seems to have been its central thread, the carrier of a contagion mechanism that, in these tragic situations, shows its power, and therefore – particularly for those who manage it- the need to govern it at fullest.

For the European Union, it seems a new challenge: tackling the theme of security not only with regards to the necessary structural investments, but also on a strictly communication sense.

On the other side, almost as a counterpart, Milan hosting the EXPO 2015: few months before the opening ceremony, it’s already conditioning and stimulating the international economy with its huge amount of events, actions and instruments. Almost all national and international bodies are arranging their presence at EXPO and promoting events and secondary initiatives: a hive of activities, tools and business opportunities offered to the professionals of the sector.

To sum up, between old and new challenges, also for communication, the new Euro-Mediterranean proves to be an expanding, rich and extremely lively scenario!

Massimo Pomilio

EMN Strategic Coordinator