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Economist Mediterranean Leadership Summit in Malta

The first edition of the “Mediterranean Leadership Summit” organized by the Economist took place in Malta last April 28-29: two days of high-level debate on strategic and economic scenarios of the Mediterranean and Middle East countries, divided into sectorial panels.

High-profile participants and the possibility of networking make it an interesting opportunity for companies. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, president of Malta, inaugurated the event and told participants: “Make of peace your business”.

Mr Jacques Jean Sarraf, President of BusinessMed – the Organization that brings together central business associations in the North and the South of the Mediterranean countries – also attended the Summit, as well as the Secretary General of the Arab League. Sarraf gave a speech on “Trade and investment in the Mediterranean Region and beyond: business growth and integration opportunities”, followed by a discussion on economic integration and cooperation across the Region.

For further information and press releases on the event: www.hazliseconomist.com/en/event/The_Mediterranean_Leadership_Summit