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From the Mediterranean to the USA, the communication gurus for the first EMN meeting

The panel of great speakers who will enliven the International Communication Summit at the Solvay Library in Brusselsbeing held on the same day of the first EMN meeting is getting richer.

Some of the most authoritative experts on heritage – main topic of this year’s summit – will attend the meeting, together with the main-speakers Spike Lee and Sir Micheal Dobbs, who will deal with stimulating issues such as the inter-cultural storytelling and dialogue, and other already confirmed speakers.

Among them, Simona Panseri, Director of corporate communications and external relations at Google Italia, and Stefano Jacoviello, Professor at the University of Siena and Scientific Coordinator of the project #Inherit – PanSpeech for the enhancement of European cultural heritage.

For EMN Partners, the presence of Yasser G. Aref will be particularly interesting. He is the Scientific Coordinator of the Project 3D Augmented MED (IAM), capable of capturing, by means of the most sophisticated technologies, the history of Alexandria, the first of the cities bearing the same name of their founder: Alexander the Great.

It will be a unique chance to meet the leaders of communication and enjoy, by courtesy of Calabria Region, the Riace Bronzes immortalized by one of the greatest masters of the 20th century’s photography: Mimmo Jodice.