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Going Euromed! The imperative of sharing

We go Euromed since Euromed system is growing. The new Europe and Mediterranean countries get more lively, attract interests and commit resources, interacting with old and new economic and cultural systems and world geography. The EuMed strategic policies and related funds push to strengthen and develop cohesion among those people living throughout the basin aiming at increasing cohesion, boosting economic and cultural relationships, distributing resources for development. So, whilst the old economic models start suffering from economic downturn and developing countries alternate development levels, there are those who strive to turn the crisis into an opportunity.

In this context, it’s getting clearer and clearer that the new development democracy is strictly linked to the web. And that, generally speaking, the “recovery” of leading countries is strictly bound to the “take-off” of the least developed ones, in a democratic perspective based on the distribution of resources, the sharing of best practices, know-how and information. The digital culture thus plays a fundamental role as well as, in a broader sense, communication. We must share innovation and experiences since we trust sharing. Our companies, which live on communication, cannot but take advantage of “sharing the sharing method “.

How to deal with this challenge to large markets? Is it better the model of the large company or a solid group of partners? Driven by the need to “network”, trust is growing as well as the old concept of business consortia, joint ventures and alliances. Technology and transports bring boundaries closer and stimulate the process of internationalization. Bodies and investments to enhance the sentiment of belonging increase. The Union for the Mediterranean is the last institution I had the opportunity to know whose aim is to reinforce cultural cohesion, economic development and peace among the EU-Med countries.

Hence, we rediscover culture as business. Once a cradle of classical culture and today cradle of multiple “cultures” and disputes, the Mediterranean tries to regain its own identity, in order to rebuild and innovate it. In this process, art regains a fundamental value as well, becoming the engine of various initiatives aiming to mould a euro-Mediterranean identity.

Cohesion is the true value and that’s the real fuel of economy.

At work, then! Many ideas and so much information are spreading through the communication system. To seize them, we need to organize an efficient and streamlined system to meet these challenges, to find more partners, to widen the network and gather information from all members and to launch operational and strategic insights as well. Feed this newsletter: it’s time for your business!

Massimo Pomilio

EMN Strategic Coordinator