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Shanghai, 12 November: new routes of Chinese tourism in Europe

Next 12 November, Shanghai will host an event on the “New Routes of Chinese tourism in Europe“, within the framework of the tourism fair “China International Travel Mart“(14 – 16 November 2014). The event will address over 150 operators of Chinese tourism sector and will aim at illustrating new destinations and itineraries for their clients.

Chinese tourists have been travelling throughout Europe for some years now and have thus become more and more familiar with major cities and with the most popular destinations. Most of Chinese tourists keep on following traditional routes: most of them head for Europe for their first time and want to visit the most famous sites of  European culture.

Nonetheless, the niche market looking for alternative experiences is quickly getting wider: more and more Chinese tourists want to travel and see Europe with a different eye in order to appreciate its most characteristic but “hidden” destinations. The seminar “New Routes for Chinese tourism in Europe” is an opportunity to discuss the new trends of outbound Chinese tourism market and to introduce new destinations and itineraries to be included in Chinese tourism paths.

Tour operators, travel agencies and tourism professionals of diverse realities of Chinese tourism market will attend the meeting, in search of new ideas and destinations for a clientele which is becoming increasingly sophisticated.


  • The Chinese who traveled abroad in 2012 were 83 million, in 2013 about 97.
  • In 2014 it is expected that more than 110 million Chinese will travel abroad.
  • After an initial phase focused on mass tourism, different ranges of niche tourism are developing.
  • The Chinese are the tourists who spend more during their journeys abroad ($ 114 billion in 2012).