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Sircome (France) – Environmental communication: Sircome and ADEME

Sircome is a French consultancy firm specializing in marketing and communications strategies and focused on sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and science & society issues. We work on the definition of comprehensive or specific marketing and comms strategies and on the support of their implementation and evaluation

The original positioning “From Research to Action” is coming from Sircome’s founder experience, Mathieu JAHNICH, a former researcher and practitioner. This translates into a strong ability to step back, investigate and analyse clients’ practices and a desire to produce consistent and operational recommendations.

We’re presently working for the French Environmental and Energy Management Agency (ADEME). We’re analysing:

  • the discourses of French actors to mobilize companies on non-environmental issues;
  • the “Environment and competitiveness” campaigns of public bodies in five countries (USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy).

Then we will draw operational recommendations to improve ADEME’s communications actions efficacy towards businesses. Our report will be delivered in June.