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Tblisi, Georgia: the central Asia Renaissance

The 14 month long project “Let’ Meet Europe” will be launched in January 2016 as a new edition of the EU Delegation to Georgia communications programme. It will be managed by Pomilio Blumm with the support of a local partner. Numerous activities include big-scale cultural events for general public, maintaining websites and boosting social media activities, establishing media and public relations and support to communication and visibility activities of the EU-funded development projects in Georgia.

Georgia is now developing an increasingly close relationship with the EU, being one of the EU’s main and exclusive partners in the region. The Association Agreement and the Deep Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the EU were signed in 2014 and will entail the introduction of EU standards for goods, produced in Georgia and make their export to EU easier. Juridical and economic reforms are carried out too for a gradual economic integration and a deepening political co-operation. The end of 2015 brought another important news: the visa liberalization agreement that will allow all Georgian citizens to travel to Europe visa free by summer 2016.

Varied activities are foreseen by the project: EU film festival will be organized to bring new European films to Georgia, while Europe Days will offer a rich cultural programme with events in major cities of the country and EU Prize for journalism will praise the best journalism in different media. Activities for students and school children will bring us to tour rural schools and major universities of the country. The digital communication and social media campaigns will be an important component of the project.

Pomilio Blumm will design communication strategy, propose key messages and engage with the public on behalf of the EU Delegation during this unique and important period for Georgia. The agency will bring its expertise in institutional communication and hopefully, open a new page of delivering comprehensive communication services to EU Delegations that are present almost everywhere in the world and act as “EU embassies”.