A newsletter to keep relations among partners alive, to inform on new trends and interesting initiatives in the field of communication with a “glance” into the world, and to be a network among networks, but aware of our own specificities.


The Importance of Being Connected

In a very diverse and ever-growing market, like the Euro-Mediterranean one, establishing a network of professional links for business is not an option, but it’s a unique chance.

Because of the challenges tied to the current economic trend as well as of the new and relevant opportunities the EU provides its economic players with, SMEs are called upon to reinterpret and innovate their own business and management dynamics. In this perspective, networking allows to increase both competitiveness and productivity, fosters innovation and knowledge-sharing and helps partners enter new markets and undertake internationalization processes.

Hence, the idea to create the EMNetwork, a Euro-Mediterranean Network of integrated communication agencies. Bringing together firms committed to social responsibility programs, with an international vocation and a Euro-Mediterranean soul, we aim to promote the exchange of expertise, best practices and know-how among partners, thus enhancing their visibility and increasing growth opportunities, even participating in international communication projects together. We look carefully at America and some emerging markets of Africa, Asia and Middle-East as well: indeed, we believe that being able to work as an “intermediary” for all those realities overseas interested in promoting their products, services and initiatives in the Euro-Mediterranean market is important.

Since communicating and exchanging information is essential, we’ve created this newsletter that will be issued four times a year and will help keep relations among partners alive. In “Ideas Box”, new trends in the field of communication will be explored and in “Save the date” interesting events and initiatives will be highlighted. Under the section “News from the Network”, we will propose, from time to time, some services the Network will make available to you. In a specific section, “Challenges”, we will report your contributions concerning your activities or business opportunities. Therefore, from now on, we kindly invite you to cooperate with us. Then, we will provide you with a “glance” into the world, offering a global perspective on trends, events and opportunities in the field of marketing and communication.

Finally a very young and motivated staff is ready to work for us. Ms. Andrea Pomilio, Head of the EMN EU Liaison Office, and Mr. Paolo Vallonchini, in charge of secretarial activities, will deal with the management of the network, highlighting and suggesting us those opportunities that may arise in the EU-Mediterranean landscape.
In order to be a network among networks, but aware of our own specificities.

Franco Pomilio

EMN Founder