So why join in?
The answers are simple and straightforward

  • Have a secure and reliable network of partners from all over the European and Mediterranean area
  • Explore and take advantage of business opportunities inside and outside the European landscape
  • Participate in European projects with other networks’ members
  • Share experiences, expertise and best practices within and outside the EU, thus helping members grow and develop new skills and professional experiences
  • Enrich your own client portfolio
  • Be part of a network that embraces 28 EU and many Mediterranean countries and is sponsored by one of the most important organizations in the world: Transparency International (
  • Be included in the guest list of the events that our head office organizes in Brussels and take advantage of tools designed for members (please visit the section: EVENTS)
  • Dispose of an antenna in Brussels*
  • Get involved in transparent lobbying and PR activities in Brussels*
  • Take advantage of secretarial/consultancy support in Brussels for exploring business opportunities*

*Fee based service